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Charter Rates
We do not offer scheduled service.
Charters are by reservation ONLY.

Please reserve your charter at least 7 days in advance.

Water Taxi Service
Destination 1 or 2 Persons 3 or 4 Persons
Tarpon Harbor/Anclote River/Bayou $100 $125
Anclote Key/Anclote Lighthouse Vicinity $125 $150
North Towards Port Richey $200 $250
South Towards Clearwater $350 $400
Base charter includes: We will take you to your destination, spend up to 45 minutes in the area and then return you to shore.

We can drop you off at your destination and return to pick you up at a prearranged time.
Please add 50% to the prices listed above for drop off and pick up service.

Rate Schedule effective March 1, 2012

Terms & Conditions of Passage

 SouthWind is licensed by the US Coast Guard for a maximum of six (6) passengers.      Every adult or child who is not a crewmember is considered a passenger.

 All rates quoted are for the boat and not per person unless otherwise noted.

 All reservations are considered tentative unless paid in full.

 Alcohol Policy: Beer and wine coolers purchased by you ashore are permitted aboard. Any beverages must be in cans or plastic bottles. Glass bottles are NOT allowed aboard. Hard liquor is not permitted aboard. Trash, including, but not limited to, bottles, cans or paper, etc. may not be dumped overboard. Passenger is responsible for any fines incurred. Only passengers over 21 may consume alcohol aboard any SouthWind vessel. The captain, at his sole discretion, may terminate the charter at any time and without refund, if he deems that an individual has become incapable of following directions in an emergency.

 Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Departure is at the sole discretion of the Captain and his assessment of the water and weather conditions. In the unlikely event of cancellation due to inclement weather or unsafe sea conditions, we will refund your entire purchase price, or reschedule your trip, at your discretion.

 Payment in full must be received in order to guarantee your reservation. Payments by check must be received at least 10 days prior to the date of your charter. Cash, money orders and traveler's cheques are acceptable for payment within 10 days of your charter.

 The Florida Administrative Code, Rule 62D-2.014(8)(e) states: Passenger launches or excursion boats from outside the parks that are for rent or hire or carrying passengers for money shall land or anchor or tie up in any park. Pursuant to this rule, if we take you to the vicinity of any island that is part of the Florida state system, including, but not limited to Anclote Key, we will NOT land or anchor or tie up. You may get off the boat and walk ashore if you desire. If you choose to get off the vessel, you WILL get wet. We strongly recommend that you wear appropriate beach shoes.

 Please inform SouthWind of any medical conditions or special requirements at the time you place your reservation.

 We accept the following forms of payment:

US Dollars Personal Check Money Order Traveler's Cheques
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